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Crown Green Bowls

If you are looking to buy or sell a set of used crown green bowls, we cannot recommend highly enough we buy any bowls who make it easy to sell your old bowls sets online directly. They have an easy to use website where you can enter your bowl set details, including serial numbers, weights, ages, colours etc and they will offer a competitive price for the bowl. It's an ideal way to sell your used bowls sets easily and quickly, and for the best prices!
glazed doors

Boosting Light Levels with Glazed Doors

Glazing within the home can improve the light levels within the building. It is widely used in the commercial industry to boost productivity levels and attitude in the workplace. internal glazed doors help not only in providing light to the darkest areas of the house, but design suit a wide range of traditional and modern applications in the home. Made from modern and old materials (such as oak) the choice available to use within your office or home is vast.

A New Year Brings Thoughts Of Cottage...

Cottage English

Oh how Christmas can bring all sorts of stresses and strains upon the normal family life.   There is no doubt that we all love the chance to take time out of work, maybe get away for a few days if there is no strong family ties to follow up.  But generally most families will be […]

Country Kitchen Cottages Help Revive ...

Cottage English3

Time for looking nostagically over the collective shoulder always hits the family Christmas in that short space between the Queen’s speech and the cutting of the 3rd piece of Christmas cake.  The lovely warm, mellow haze as older folks reminisce about how Christmas was in their day – for many of the very senior relatives, […]

Christmas In An English Country Kitch...


It’s near the end of November – you have enjoyed that much planned and painfully paid for summer break with the family somewhere jolly hot and busy overseas.  The School holidays are well and truly over and minds are being concentrated on the next major family event.  The Christmas holiday and all that is needed […]

Staying In An English Country Cottage...

Cottage English3

One of the greatest joys of the period just after summer and the fast approaching Christmas season is that of autumn.  Those gorgeous scenes of trees with their leaves gradually leaving the scene – oh the joy of swishing through them with wellies on and not be told off for getting too muddy, one of […]

Preserving The Englishness of The Cou...

Cottage English3

Behind every man is a woman.  Depending on where that woman happens to be at any one time, dictates what amount of time she can give to hobbies and  decorating or doing up the English Country cottage she has.  These are the  hard workers who keep their cottages looking super trendy and welcoming.  The need […]

The English Country Cottage Benefits ...

Cottage English

Shabby chic furniture is a specific form of interior design where the furniture is lovingly stripped back to give the appearance of ‘wear and tear’.  Sometimes new items are treated with paint and chemical finishes to achieve a more specific look of an antique, some even taking the theme back to reflect more ancient times. […]

Bringing Enhancements With The Beauty...


Modern living wth English Cottage Style Furniture – If you are fortunate enough to reside in country cottage, then surely you will recognize the sheer pleasure of English Cottage style furniture. These are the tasteful pieces of furniture that always remain in trend and you will never find any country cottage without such stylish and […]

How To Beautify Your English Cottage ...


People in England love to have garden at their cottage. This is the reason why you will find a vibrant and large garden next to their beautiful and elegant English Cottages. The cottage gardens are very beautiful and have unique style.  They have gardens that are well decorated using the modern ornamental plants, paintings, edible […]

How A Characterful Kitchen Will Enhan...

Cottage English3

Peaceful location, soothing greenery, sun soaked garden, what more one could ask for. The quintessential English cottage is a fantastic way to get relief from the hustle bustle of the every life. If you are planning to have your own English county cottage, then you are at perfect place as here we bring you how […]

Adorn the exteriors of your house by ...

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In various English countries spread all over the world, there are appreciable English cottages that give us the essence of a picturesque as they are designed so beautifully that eye balls keep rolling towards them. Features of English cottages Traditionally they are defined as having just a single room, but there are inspirations behind the […]