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Generations Of Life Justifies Cottage...

Cottage English

I have the chance to tour the north of England and there is a particularly gorgeous area near the Lakes that has not had any of my attention to date.  Most of the properties up there are dark, slate roofed with heavy emphasis on all weather terrain type activity.  There are not as many cute […]

The All Weather Cottage Very Much Nee...

devon cottage

When you look at holiday and travel programmes from every country throughout the world you see a massive variety of properties to stay in.  Most of the hot countries of course have villas – single storey, large airy rooms painted white inside and out.  This gives the feeling of space and coolness in the hot […]

Walks Made Complete With Cottage Visi...

Cottage English3

I’ve been out with my local walking group every month in the better weather for a couple of years now.   Our organiser picks out a village – and we are blessed with hundreds.  She does a recci for us but printing off any information she can find on the internet – usually there’ll be a […]

Cottage Hire Bring Beloved Memories A...


When you google cottges to buy, it can be quite perplexing to find the properties offered are anything but what you think you were seeking.    As soon as I hear the word cottage, my mind races back to a wonderful thatched cottage we used to stay in on holidays near our grandmother’s home.  It had […]

Cottage Garden Complete With Fruit &#...

compost-bin (1)

Some chums of mine have recently been on the hunt for the perfect holiday cottage – nothing new there.  In fact they enjoy that challenge every year and have yet to announce entire success.  No one will – it means they don’t have to try looking any more!  For the moment though they go away […]

Stone Built Cottages With Modern Twis...

Cottage English3

There are many types of holiday home available for hire these days;  holiday cottages and bungalows probably still top the list but with variants like castles, Napoleonic pill boxes; renovated railway cottages and even an old signalling box was seen advertised as a change from the norm.   The days of just opening up a spare […]

Country Cottages Offer Reused Furnitu...

Cottage English3

We do seem to have finally gone full circle in our generational life spans.  When we think back – often with the help of magazine articles and tv programmes – to when our ancestors were trying to eek out their meagre living, there was always a need to make do and mend.  In other words, […]

Holiday Cottage -v- B&B Running ...

Cottage English

I’ve been scouring the pile of magazines in my sitting room lately – I know I saw an article on the merits of running a fleet of self catering holiday cottages – v – running a 6 guest bedroomed B&B establishment up in one of our premier tourist honeytraps.  I recall thinking this was a […]

One Man’s Crowded Cottage, Anot...


I have been watching a particular tv series set in North America – couples and families are shown in their ‘cramped and over-crowded’ homes and are encouraged by a couple of very able brothers, to invest in very high end house renovations so they can sell for very top dollar and then move on up […]

Hiring A Slice Of Country Joy Saves B...

Cottage English2

Oh how I love reading the country life style magazines.  They’re dripping with luscious cottages of every description – and many a manor house too.  I particularly like reading up the sales jargon for the many huge country estates that seem to have been on the market suddenly – maybe their historic family owners have […]

Countryside Marquee Hire

One of the joys of living in the countryside is that you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with marquee hire during the summer months. Ideal for family parties, weddings and BBQ events, marquee hire hertfordshire could be the perfect solution for you.