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A New Year Brings Thoughts Of Cottage Holidays

Oh how Christmas can bring all sorts of stresses and strains upon the normal family life.   There is no doubt that we all love the chance to take time out of work, maybe get away for a few days if there is no strong family ties to follow up.  But generally most families will be involved in the annual skirmish with the catering – many more meals to be planned, organised and served.  The resulting washing up and dishwasher duties argued and fought over – or rather, the avoidance of.   It can be an exhausting time all round but particularly for dear Mum, who inevitably bears the brunt of the activity.

The best tonic for the post Christmas blues is to book a gorgeous cottage holdiay out in a pretty village.  Nothing lifts the heart more than being able to enjoy old England and how better than in a chocolate box style cottage.