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Appetite For Charming Cottage Pubs & Cottage Pies

I’ve had lots of things going on with old fashioned pubs lately – being cheer leader for a seniors’ lunch bunch.  Obviously the type of  venue is very important – we don’t want to be sitting in a greasy spoon style of cafe but at the same time, none of our group are that flush that a full scale a la carte menu is called for.    After that consideration is the style – again, the modern high street cafe is not very attractive fior a group of seniors – but the more old fashioned cottage pub is just up their collective street.  There is one village not too far from me – it’s an absolute beauty, with almost each property thatched or at least a truly gorgeous sight.  The pub is also remarkable for having been continuously open since Charles II visited the beer seller in his day!  Bring on these beautiful buildings – the more, the merrier!