Best Money Saving Apps

Holding your breath every time you check your bank balance? Scrimping to make your cash stretch until payday? Before you ditch your smartphone and its data plan in an economy drive, check out these essential mobile apps for savers: they make penny pinching and budgeting… well, if not fun, at least convenient.

Helpful for: tracking your spending, setting a budget, splitting bills with friends
You may have seen friends flashing the mobile banking startup’s distinctive neon orange card. Once a pre-paid debit card, the zingy Monzo card is now attached to a real current account because, as of April 2017, Monzo is a fully-fledged, mobile-only bank. If you already have a current account you might struggle to see the point of opening another. But trust us: your bank’s mobile app is nothing like the Monzo app.

Helpful for: meeting savings goals, encouragement

Imagine you had a money-conscious, savings-savvy friend who was always available on Facebook messenger with financial advice and reminders. And, oh, who also has access to your transaction data from your bank account and knows exactly what you’re spending and where.

Helpful for: making and sticking to a budget, stretching your pay packet, discouraging frivolous spending
Do you fritter away your pay cheque as soon as it hits your account, splashing out on meals and drinks while you’re feeling flush, only to have to pinch pennies to pay your bills? Squirrel can help you stretch your pounds by being the virtual equivalent of a piggy bank—one of the ones you can’t get into without a hammer.