Changing Shopping Habits Need New Thrust

This time last year we were only just beginning to hear about the start of what turned out to be this dreadful global pendemic consisting of the worst flu bug of sorts that anyone can remember.  Apart from the Spanish flu that his the world 100 years prior.   The state of this country currently does rather dampen the spirit of even the most enthusiastic shopper.  What’s needed is another exciting burst of news to generate hope and a greater feeling of national cohesion and stability.    Good news always brings out a desire to buy buy buy, and online shopping has really taken off because of the lack of non essential shops being available anyway but now it’s becoming a habit to turn to the internet.   Saving money on purchases and seeking out coupons and vouchers is a worthwhile hobby for many families.  Getting the best bargains has become quite a socially acceptable and newsworthy challenge.  If lots of this purchasing is for British made products, then even better!