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Cottage Garden Complete With Fruit & Veg

Some chums of mine have recently been on the hunt for the perfect holiday cottage – nothing new there.  In fact they enjoy that challenge every year and have yet to announce entire success.  No one will – it means they don’t have to try looking any more!  For the moment though they go away twice a year and book through favourite cottage sites.  They have a check list of all the things to check out – facilities in the cottage.  Electric costs – is it a metered system needing money or cards;  are there showers and adequate heating if it’s chilly;  what kind of tv, games console, internet provision etc.  One thing they have also started noticing are the outside facilities – one cottage they had last year offered an allotment full of wonderful veg, they could go and help themselves and payment was by weeding or digging for the next round of produce.  Fantastic idea and worthy of copying, even if only on back garden levels.