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Cottage Hire Bring Beloved Memories Alive

When you google cottges to buy, it can be quite perplexing to find the properties offered are anything but what you think you were seeking.    As soon as I hear the word cottage, my mind races back to a wonderful thatched cottage we used to stay in on holidays near our grandmother’s home.  It had very white walls outside and a grey thatch – it used to be golden brown but age and weather had gradually taken their toll.  The garden was so pretty – with lots of very bright red and white roses around each doorway.  I saw a cottage almost identical on a holiday site and how my heart strings were plucked to see this image.  I so wanted to go back to how our cottage had been – I booked a weekend at the cottage and hoped for a reunion with my past memories.  I’ve used that site before and they will have done lots of research on their portfolio and of course, keep them all in tip top condition.