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Cottage Memories Remained Strong & Accurate

I have just got back from a simply wonderful family break down to the area where my siblings and I grew up.  It always was an affluent area and my parents, well dad, struggled like crazy to get a mortgage for the house he and mum chose to get us out of the strange little ‘dolls’s house’ we were living in.  The village we moved to was very mixed in age of properties but in the main they were gorgeous 1920s style gable fronted Arts & Crafts type cottages with beautiful lead paned windows, oak front doors and pretty porches.  This was my abiding memory of the area for the many years since I moved away.  I am thrilled to report that although we are generally advised not to revisit favourite old haunts, this one was absolutely exactly as I remembered it.  Down to the detail of the gates with pretty carved names.