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Cottage & Pub Pics Start Holiday Rush

I was at a charity fund raising event earlier this year – end of winter and before I’d even thought about this year’s holidays.  Amongst the usual range of bizarre and eclectic mix of tombola prizes and white elephant stall offerings were packs of hand made greetings cards.  I snapped up a couple of packs – always useful.  The first batch has proven to be especially good for sending to chaps.  Not all blokes play or follow football, cricket or any other sport, so the pictures of beautiful old pubs and cottages have been well received.  Each recipient has acknowledged the cards with a query as to whether I know where each location is – sadly I don’t, but I suggested to each that they browse the best of the holiday cottage sites and see if they recognise them.  Several holiday bookings seem to have resulted in these searches – so Stayvacation is big in my social world!