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Cottage Try Outs Sort The Men From The Boys

Wherever you go in the country, there will be a wide selection of country cottages to look at, pore over, rent, buy – all of these things and more.   The only problem with this is that they are generally concentrated in hot spots and the price of them is necessarily very high, compared to normal brick built square or rectangular shaped houses we are used to now.  A cottage isn’t for eveyrone,  I know some folk who have an absolut horror or low beams – especially if they are brown or black.  It is possible to paint any beam white or cream, but this seems to dilute the impact that having beams.  It is this very look that folk want to achieve when they search for holidays in rural thatched idylls.   Just trying a week or so in a compact, cosy cottage with narrow stair case and intermittent utilities usually sorts the girls from the boys.