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Cottages Are For Life, Not Just At Christmas!

When you get an invite out of the blue you just never know where it could land you.   This is very much the case whenever I take up offers of staying over Christmas or New Year with friends rather than going to family gatherings.   I have gained many chums in recent years;  some are single like me and have also had their fill of sharing with their families butdon’t want to sound ungrateful.

This last Christmas was spent at a delightful cottage – everything anyone could imagine  has been included in this place.  My hosts love making Christmas as special now as when their boys were tiny. The boys are 32 and 27 but the magic remains.  The decor is always appropriate for the style of cottage and at Christmas it becomes a Santa’s grotto – just so perfect.  That then inspires us to book the group cottage holiday elsewhere next summer.  Can’t get enough cottages it seems.