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Country Cottages Offer Reused Furniture As Standard

We do seem to have finally gone full circle in our generational life spans.  When we think back – often with the help of magazine articles and tv programmes – to when our ancestors were trying to eek out their meagre living, there was always a need to make do and mend.  In other words, stop being picky, get on with things, eat whatever is in front of you and repair any little chip or breakage.  They did not have the resources to pop online to order anything on a whim.  We are now back at the point where recycling is a must, be that upcycling by reusing goods, or swapping and bartering.  The need to sustain what we have is now paramount to save keep manufacturing new and throwing away good old stuff.  Our country cottage industry is able to facilitate this resourcefulness to the max.  They’ve always thrived on offering genuine and age sensitive furnishing and effects.  The real thing!