Finely Honed Online Money Saving Tips

Oh how we used to love getting shopping vouchers in magazines.  Coupons were all the rage at one time and my siblings used to love ripping the latest magazine or newspaper from the parental grasp so we could go through them page by page, carefully cutting round essential black lines.  Even if we didn’t use the product promoted, there was the possibility of swapping with next door.  They had five children, two dogs and a live-in grandmother.   These days of course we don’t all buy magazines.  The fun element of coupon cutting has now left me but I do still love a bargain and I scan the online shopping sites – daily and warehouse deals.  I wasn’t as astute with this until a recent trip to stay with an old pal – my goodness she’s up there with the top flight of money saving experts.   Her tips for economies in present buying are now legendary, even if she does need to get up at 3 am to achieve some of them!