Freebies From High Street to Library

Today I was waiting outside the one remining building society office for an aged companion and I was treated to some wonderfully diverse snippets of conversation and shopper’s insight.   Two dear old biddies were in the queue for the post office next door – that queue starts at 7.30 daily because of restrictions and social distancing, you can only get 3 folk in there at once.    Whilst passing the time of day, I listened to a whole lot of shopping advice delivered at breakneck speed by the younger of the two.  There wasan’t anything she didnt know about signing into her shopping discount account and checking daily for any coupons and vouchers that would be exchangeable in the town.  she timed her trips to suit when the best savings were to be found.    Her companion then mentioned a new source of joy – a free audio book borrowing scheme available from our local library – she was right – it’s absolutely fantastic and available on my regular borrower card.