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From Pub to Fabulous Holiday Cottage

I belong to a very well known and well established womens’ group – the formation of which commenced over a century ago and many federations are still going strong.  The appeal for the younger woman is a bit tricky in some areas where there is still a massive bastian of the previous generation, but on the whole a midway interest can be found.  To this end I have been researching and sourcing venues for lunch club activities.  This is not as easy as I originally assumed.  Two or three pubs on my list – handed on from past members, have now been closed and converted to homes.  However, two fairly local ones have been converted to holiday cottages.  what a fantastic idea.  We all know how gorgeous those old thatched pubs were to sit in.  Fancy being able to hire one as a holiday home.  The stay at home holiday seems utterly appealing now!