Healthcare Incentives Becoming Big Earners

I have younger relatives who are most definitely business savvy and know exactly how to get the very best deals on all their purchases and services.  They bought into private medical health cover and discovered they could gain credits on their separate cash back card if they participated in various sporty activities.  So, as walking was one very generously incentivised, their dog walking has become much more of a nice little earner than anyone would have imagined.  The dogs just love the extra attention to their combined fitness too.  Also, there are deals to be had on certain healthier options on food at a particularly wholesome supermarket chain.   This is such a great idea as it automatically encourages families to select with greater care – especially if every purchase attracts an entry on their cash back card.  I was marvelling at them mentioning really quite good sums!  So in order to make the most of the original healthcare insurance outlay, they are living the good life and earning on that too.  Win Win !