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Heaven Resides In Remote Holiday Cottage

Just what we need is a tonic, a lift from the dismall and quite frankly debilitating grim weather of late.  I cannot understand how we end up with clouds, heavy rain, thick fog, snow flakes and bright sunshine all in one short day.  It ddrives me mad and I find myself getting morose and snappy when I can’t get out to enjoy a lungful of air.

Mind you, grim weather does bring out the holiday spirit in most folk and this can be very good for the owners and ookers of holiday cottages.  I especially like finding any hired by my  family o be right out in the sticks – really remote and off beaten tracks.  Of course, some of the party may perfer to be within a hairs breadth of the local supermarket but not me.  I want the splendour of open countryside and a beautiful cottage to rest up in.   Englishness at it’s absolute peak!