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Hiring A Slice Of Country Joy Saves Buying It

Oh how I love reading the country life style magazines.  They’re dripping with luscious cottages of every description – and many a manor house too.  I particularly like reading up the sales jargon for the many huge country estates that seem to have been on the market suddenly – maybe their historic family owners have taken fright about the brexit shambles.  Or maybe they’re not even owned by a one family unit – more likely a bunch of pension funds.   The holiday colttage business is huge these days too.  This I really like as there is nothing nicer than being able to hire someone else’s idyllic cottage for a week, knowing you don’t have the onerous task of maintaining the gorgeous thatched roof or those wee little bulls eye glass windows.  Being able to rent a cottage is wonderful as you get all the joy of the historic place but you can walk away afterwards with purely joyous memories.