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Holiday Cottage -v- B&B Running Costs

I’ve been scouring the pile of magazines in my sitting room lately – I know I saw an article on the merits of running a fleet of self catering holiday cottages – v – running a 6 guest bedroomed B&B establishment up in one of our premier tourist honeytraps.  I recall thinking this was a very interesting subject to contrast and compare ways of making a living out of a) property and b) property in a tourist area.   The amount of work needed to keep the cottages going, and the upfront costs of fully equipping each cottage with spares of linen and towels etc. was massive – the cost of renewing when things broke or got stolen also added a factor.  The cost of furnishing the guest rooms in the B&B and the daily toil of servicing the rooms and providing the breakfasts was onerous too.  I need the article to find out which system came out on top!