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Joyous Thoughts Of Summer Cottage Holidays

Whilst sitting here looking out into a snow filled garden, it is rather difficult to conjur up thought of happy summer holidays and moaning about how flaming hot it is !  Some days last year though, we were doing exactly that and it seems unbelievable at this very minute.  so with happy thoughts thrust firmly to the forefront, I am thinking of the joyous occupation of researching and booking a country cottage for my next sorti into the fabulous english countryside.  There are so many fantastic places that I’ve not visited – old tudor towns with eir black and white beamed fascades – pretty stone cottage lined village streets with an abundance of coffee and gift shops.  I love the anticipation that gathers once I’ve tossed my suitcase in the boot and started my adventure – sat nav primed and beautiful cottage based vistas before me.  Those little sitting rooms, creaking stairs up to a cute, but still luxuriously apointed thatch covered attic room.  Absolute heaven!