Knowing How To Source Genuine Good Value Goods

There are some fantastic sites out there that help consumers get the very best deals possible.  Knowing where to look is key of course.  Whenever I see any interesting shopping information, warnings, or better, some good old tips on getting coupons or special offers, I put a ring round the page number of the magazine and pop a sticky note on the front with a gradually extending list of these pages.  Of course, once I’ve finished the magazine, I tend to tidy it away and the page numbers get lost and never see the light of day again.  This really is an example of meaning well but could definitely do better.  I have therefore been sourcing sites that do offer me guidance on where to shop for particular goods, services, holidays etc. that genuinely do offer good savings and value for money.  Knowing you’re getting the product you thought, for a better price than you expected is always a delight but  something we should aim to achieve on every purchase.