Lockdown Causes Whole New Shopping Experience

Ah how things have changed over the period of this very strange lockdown.  When it began in March, it was tragic to see the vile self centredness of many people.  The race to empty the shop shelves toilet rolls, of all things and the false new stories floating about made the most stupid of these families stock up on quite unecessary items.  This in turn broguth in the need for stores to start operating differently and making us queue for longer.    In straightened times, it’s not always a matter of saving money but actually being able to get out and spend any at all.  The main shopping centres have only just re-opened and there are many restrictions on our freedom to look and touch anything.  There’s now no longer the luxury of being able to try a dress on in the changing room.  No, the items has go come home with us and if not perfect, it goes back to the store and they have to implement a long winded and expensive chain of events to stop the garment just going back out again.