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Make Sure That Cottage Is Light & Airy

There are times in the summer when the nice dark cool splendour of a thatched cottage can really be an appetiser.  So many times the sun, welcome of course, does come by and sit intensely above us and all  you cn feel is it’s gaze bearing down on us as we sit there with totally inadequate protection for head and trunk.  Normally I shy aay from dark spooky looking corridors and kitchens but when the time’s right, I’m first in the queue to feel my aching bones leaning up against the nearest fixed wall clad object.

The design of cottages is so very English.  From the windows set in their charmingly huge and slightly uneven casements,  there is a beauty in almost every feature of a very old place.  The bedrooms will inevitably be far too small for reality.  But the view from them will far outweigh any little niggle! And so the holiday can begin.