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One Man’s Crowded Cottage, Another Man’s Paradise

I have been watching a particular tv series set in North America – couples and families are shown in their ‘cramped and over-crowded’ homes and are encouraged by a couple of very able brothers, to invest in very high end house renovations so they can sell for very top dollar and then move on up the chain to bigger and better.   I can’t help wondering how on earth these families would have coped in the pre-war days in Britain.  Before the advent of sizeable family detached homes over here that have spread out from each county town epicentre.   What seems a nice comfortable spacious house here would seem like a tiny potting shed to the families on that programme.  Same as we would not fit comfortably in a beautiful thatched period cottage.  The latter is simply gorgeous for a short stop.  A mere holiday with such basics we take as novelities!  To think how families with 8, 9 children all lived in these tiny rooms beggars belief!