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Cottages Are For Life, Not Just At Ch...

Cottage English3

When you get an invite out of the blue you just never know where it could land you.   This is very much the case whenever I take up offers of staying over Christmas or New Year with friends rather than going to family gatherings.   I have gained many chums in recent years;  some are single […]

Wrong Kitchen Proves Cottage Deal Bre...

Cottage English2

One of the joys of afternoon tv is the innocent pleasure of watching folk looking over other peoples’ property – discussing this benefit and that peculiar little corner.   The programme host will have been given masses of information on the property to read off camera, and the punters are intorduced to us as wanting to […]

Restful Cottage Break Loses Out To Ci...


I’m just back from a weekend away in the big smoke – by golly it’s noisy, busy, exciting and incredibly uplifting to be amongst all the hussle and bustle of the crowds – for a day maybe.  My companion and I had promised ourselves a ‘trip down memory lane’ to celebrate birthdays within a month […]

Holiday Cottages Allow Family Fun Wit...

Cottage English

I have just come back from the west country after a week’s exciting and sometimes hectic break with family, friends and just a few pups.  Wow how those pupsters can move and get into all kinds of scrapes and mischief!  The best days out were spent down on the beach – wind, rain, sand, seawater […]

Regaining Perspectives In A Pretty Co...


Well, well, well the long awaited and anticipated summer holidays have come, been and gone in the most spectacular style this year.  The spring was quite exciting in that we had a variety of weather conditions and we were forecase a long hot summer.   We did have some very hot days during early July but […]

Doggy Tales For Summer Holiday Fun


Thisis just the time of year when we are gearing up to getting our summer break started.  The windy and wet winter has gone – just the time when we look at the catalogues and decide exactly where we want to go this summer.  Do we splash the cash and go abroad, or limit our […]

Upating Cottage To Reflect Original B...

Cottage English3

Knowing your country cottage kitchen from your simple country cottage makes massive difference when you are setting up your business.  The former is geared a great deal more towards the current trend of all things kitchen related – cabinets, crockery, bakeware, oven design etc.  In fact, anything at all however remotely connected with the beating […]

Make Sure That Cottage Is Light &...


There are times in the summer when the nice dark cool splendour of a thatched cottage can really be an appetiser.  So many times the sun, welcome of course, does come by and sit intensely above us and all  you cn feel is it’s gaze bearing down on us as we sit there with totally […]

Book A Cottage Holiday To Restore Wel...

Cottage English3

There really is something wonderfully inspiring about being able to look through a selection of Cottage Holiday pamphlets.  Each property is photographed to look its absolute best with sun glinting across the luscious warm stone work, just catching that thatched roof perfectly.  Pictures of the inside prominently show the quaintness of the place – nobody […]

Sprinkling Of Spring Sun – Book...

Cottage English3

Oh how the first signs of spring’s arrival lighten the heart and melt away the last of those winter blues.  The weather hasn’t entirely sorted itself out yet – lots of very cold nights again recently have made us jump towards the wood burning stove for just another couple of cosy evenings and perhaps the […]