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Pleasures Of Traffic Free Country Living

You really know you’re out in the country in the middle of winter where I’m currently staying.  It’s absolutely amazing how different it all feels to where I stay with someone in the town.  There they have loads of street lights, cars hurtling about and lots of transport in general making a noise and smells.  Out here in a tiny wee village – well, collection of cottages and various stone barn conversions and a big farm, there is nothing to disturb the wonderful sound of nature.  The red kites soar above, making a strangely human whistling sound.  I honestly thought it was someone up the road with a dog whistle for ages until my host said it was the birds calling to each other.  The only other sound is the odd dog barking now and then – announcing the arrival of the post or a parcel van.  Oh, and the sheep this morning, just having been moved from the field up the road.