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Regaining Perspectives In A Pretty Country Cottage

Well, well, well the long awaited and anticipated summer holidays have come, been and gone in the most spectacular style this year.  The spring was quite exciting in that we had a variety of weather conditions and we were forecase a long hot summer.   We did have some very hot days during early July but as soon as the end of July ran into August, i.e. school holiday time, down came the rain!

But taking a break from it all in a gorgeous country cottage is so balancing for the family.  If they are a busy all working group, then that opportunity to chill out and do all the quiet, reflective things can be so much more restorative than the hustle and bustle of a trip abroad.  None of that queuing and arguing at the bag drop;  instead a leisurely drive to the cottage, usually in a fabulous village setting, you cannot beat the beauty and feeling of reeling back the years!