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Restful Cottage Break Loses Out To City Excitement

I’m just back from a weekend away in the big smoke – by golly it’s noisy, busy, exciting and incredibly uplifting to be amongst all the hussle and bustle of the crowds – for a day maybe.  My companion and I had promised ourselves a ‘trip down memory lane’ to celebrate birthdays within a month of each other.  We’d both had long connections with the city and our rose tinted specs loomed large!

Although it was fun, it was obvious that by day 3 we were worn down by the excessive noise and diesel fumes – the pushing and barging crowds of very rude folk and the uneven pavements!  How we wished we’d opted for the country cottage break first thought of, but discounted in favour of the city jaunt.  Oh how we fancied a lovely thatched place with history oozing from it’s pores!  Although our trip offered history by the bucket load it came with rather too many undesirable add ons!