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Sprinkling Of Spring Sun – Book That Country Cottage

Oh how the first signs of spring’s arrival lighten the heart and melt away the last of those winter blues.  The weather hasn’t entirely sorted itself out yet – lots of very cold nights again recently have made us jump towards the wood burning stove for just another couple of cosy evenings and perhaps the sun could come out a little bit earlier in the day – and last a bit longer into the evening!

Never mind though, the prospect of luscious warm sunny summer holidays beckons and with that come thoughts of gorgeous cottages out in a country village – there must be some in towns somewhere but quite frankly, a stopover in a busy town, however lovely the cottage, not quite so promising.  Country cottages, with their pretty cutsie kitchens do evoke happy memories that we want to cling to – being able to source such loveliness is much easier these days with dedicated sites online.