Taking Care with Online Shopping Sprees

There are some folk in life who just happen to be briliant at saving money – they are canny but not mean.  I also know folk who are less savvy than other people, and often fall foul of scammers and time wasters.  Once you make an enquiry about anything online you have to leave your details on some kind of coupon if you want to take up a discount voucher or use a code for example.   This action is a ruse to get our contact details so the company can endlessly plague us with calls and emails.   I do however have a ploy and use an old email which I’ve keep exclusively for the purpose so all the irritating sales guff gets channelled into my ‘voucher bin’.  I look through them regularly and do find some surprising bargains.  It’s time consuming but the sort of thing I can do when not in a hurry and so I’m very careful about the information imparted.  No hasty purchases that I’ll later regret!