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The All Weather Cottage Very Much Needed

When you look at holiday and travel programmes from every country throughout the world you see a massive variety of properties to stay in.  Most of the hot countries of course have villas – single storey, large airy rooms painted white inside and out.  This gives the feeling of space and coolness in the hot climes.  Over here we don’t need to worry as much about needing to look cool – apart from a handful of weeks throughout our summer months.   What we do need though are sturdy cottages – absolutely essential for the enjoyment of all weathers as they help keep out the extreme heat and of course, they protect us from the worst of the inclement weather – by which I mean sudden and ferocious downpours.  Cottages in this country need to be decorated and furnished with all weathers in mind and for all tastes and creeds.  Tall order but ours stand up to this with aplomb.