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The Very Thought – A Lady Thatcher

I was beetling off through some very narrow, hair raising, but pretty country lanes the other day.  I was actually on my way to a big plant nursery that advertises in trade papers and as my gardening help had suggested a couple of new plants to fill in gaps, this seemed the ideal opportunity to see and get.   Anyway, of I go, bombing along on the crest of sunshine and  a break in the showers.  Passing several village houses, some much bigger than other day, I was happily meandering past a huge group.   They suddenly had had enough!  Suddenly, wooh I needed to ease up incredibly busily.   The obstruction was caused  by the local thatcher – yes a real live live woman master thatcher.  Just seeing a thatcher is a miracle these days but to see a woman was unbelievable.  The thatched cottage she worked on was a real beauty too – lots of gables and just fabulous.