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Thoughts Of Country Cottage Character Themes

Even if it was possible to sail through the autumn and winter, with all the changes in weather and the cut and thrust of the Christmas and festival season, there is definitely one way to tell that you have passed new year and are into the next one. . . . . . the sudden influx of holiday advertisements, filling each moment between programmes on commercial tv, or in our favourite magazines.  The subject of holidays, mostly summer, is inescapable.

There are so many types to choose from – should it be the hauling heavy suitcases into the car and then to the baggage drop with a flight to take from the airport or maybe filling the car with same suitcases but then arriving at the venue in just a couple of hours?

A gorgeous country cottage is such a wonderful way to spend a family holiday.  Some are luurious, others are down to earth but with the character of medieval times thrown in.