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Time To Find That Cutsie Country Cottage

One of the absolute delights of this time of year is to be able to look forward to the warmer months ahead – forget the slush and grime of the last few weeks, the forecasts of snow and unending rain all coming horriby true.  No, this is the time for looking through the holiday leaflets, scanning the advertisements that we are bombarded with hourly, should we be sad enough to be watching commercially paid for tv all day!

A favourite trip away is the country cottage with it’s gorgeous interiors, that cute country kitchen with the beams, the range in the corner with perhaps a bread oven still visible in the nicely maintained inglenook.   The kitchen, more than anywhere in a cottage is the heart where all visitors like to spend those precious moments reliving a romantic feeling of the past.  Some of us however can actually do the dream and actually buy such a delight!