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Walks Made Complete With Cottage Visits

I’ve been out with my local walking group every month in the better weather for a couple of years now.   Our organiser picks out a village – and we are blessed with hundreds.  She does a recci for us but printing off any information she can find on the internet – usually there’ll be a village trail or a heritage theme.  What’s particularly good about this idea is that our chum has already done the walk, knows where the most interesting buildings are and where the challenges are for those not so nimble.  We have seen some truly awesome old cottages – we always congregate around the prettiest of course!  Then this will very often lead to being invited into the cottage to see it properly.  We’ve met some amazing owners and been able to exchange cottage holiday tales and anecdotes with them.   Whenever we’ve been able to look around at the architecture, it’s been awe inspiring and I always go home satisfied that I’ve gained the very best out of that walk that’s physically and mentally possible!