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Wrong Kitchen Proves Cottage Deal Breaker

One of the joys of afternoon tv is the innocent pleasure of watching folk looking over other peoples’ property – discussing this benefit and that peculiar little corner.   The programme host will have been given masses of information on the property to read off camera, and the punters are intorduced to us as wanting to move to the country from a city for this reason or that.  In 100% of shows I’ve enjoyed so far, the major deal makers or breakers have been the kitchen and then the garden, oh and whether the property affords a garage if one was requested.

The kitchens do make a tremendous difference, be it a holiday cottage or the dream home to end all home searching.  If madam has set her heart on a range cooker, no good taker her around a 1970s cramped kitchenette.  I have seen some fabulous cottages in the latest series.  I really do think I should be a candidate for the show!